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. >> they wants the hispanic vote. they want the hispanic dependent on government. just like they have african-americans dependent on government. >> there is no exemptions. >> don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in now. i'm tired of h >> pick this president up, pat him on the head and say son son. >> cenk: well, we're about to pat you on the head and say son, son son there's the friggin' door, enjoy it. i wish the host had predicted this earlier hmm. >> joe walsh, the clown of the earth. he thinks on medicare you have to double down, go harder at it. he's first-termer. he's going to be wanted out. i would be surprised if he survived that first term. he's a bull in the china shop. he has no idea what he's doing. >> cenk: that was only a year and a half ago. hey joe you know what this is? i've got a personal one for you. elbow from the sky--bye bye. now, all of you stay right here because we've got a whole other hour of "the young turks" coming. and wait until you get a load of me on climate change, washington, new york, you've done nothing about it. that anger when we return. >> lots
have realistic expectations, but what i can promise is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials, and we will not quit until this is done. we're not going to tolerate red tape. we're not going to tolerate bureaucracy, and i instituted a 15-minute rule, you urn everybody's phone calls in 15 minutes, whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county officials, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> eliot: for more on the crisis left by hurricane sandy in and around new york and new jersey let's go to "abc news" correspondent brandy hit in lower manhattan. thanks for joining us. >> hi, eliot. >> eliot: what is the latest you can report in terms of transportation hospitals power, evacuation, what have you heard most recently from those in charge. >> there is a lot to update for you. first when it comes to power. the power is slowly starting to come back online in lower manhattan. that's a good sign. when it comes to transportation we know there is limited subway service tomorrow morning. in manhattan you can
picked up the-- >> obama: fema personnel working with government. >> more droughts, more of this. >> you can't have fema for every state. >> pushing record storm surge. >> the governor ordered all of businesses in and around this area to be shut down. >> we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down. >> today it is extremely dangerous and. >> cenk: already, we're going to talk about alfas sets of hurricane sandy and that storm hitting the east coast of the united states now. it is shutting everything down in new york today including other cities including wall street. it has done that tomorrow. subways, stock market, all closed. so now we're going to discuss whether this has something to do with climate change, which unfortunately you won't see with a lot of outlets. we'll talk about the politics of it in just a minute. first, as i tell you about how the media is not focusing on climate change, it's amazing because they're literally getting battered by the storm and still not recognizing it. here is a collection of media reports on hurricane sandy. >> obama: ref
and consumers have got to have simply more money. it means the government cannot right now cut government spending. that would be a disaster. we've got to wage the minimum wage. we've got to make sure that we have a wpa or civilian conservation corp, probably not politically possible now but when president obama get a second term we might be able to get that done because we have a lot of long-term un unemployed. i hope some of the tax breaks, such as the breaks on social security payroll taxes can be continued onward from december. i think that's very important to keep money in the hands of the middle class and enabling their spending, and jobs. >> eliot: all the miles you're talking b all of which i'm fully in accord with all predicated with president obama to guide the path. i agree, if he gets the second term. one of the premise that i view and i think you view as one of the misguided policies of mitt romney if you lower the tax breaks you get an outbreak of investment. there was a survey that disputed that. they polled it under political pressure. what is your wisdom as someone who ha
for lacking principle. because mitch mcconnell and john boehner brought governance to a halt, their only principle was to say no to the white house, we should now serve up mitt romney as their chosen negotiating partner? such is the logic of the amazingly cynical and disappointing columnists to. read the des moines register endorsement of romney is to read a logic that would have justified neville chamberlain apiecement of the nazis. cave to the entity that refuses to negotiate and then blame the party that does stand on proper principle yet still tried in good faith to negotiate a deal for the public good. such skewed logic is horrific to read. credit ezra klein and some others for shining the light on this and shame on those who are rewarding the worst form of politics we've seen in many presidential cycles and the politicians whose campaigns have neither the guts nor will to speak truth to the public about their views on the tough issues we face. that's my view. what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>curre
the government to tell us when to go out for halloween or trick-or-treating. if your neighborhood is flooded don't go out. if it's not, go out. >> it's ridiculous for chris christie or anyone to interpret him to say that he's canceling halloween. he can't cancel halloween. >> he just says in new jersey, we had a really bad storm let's all go trick-or-treating in a couple of days. boom he canceled halloween. >> which is by the way common sense and the whole thing doesn't need to be said, but he said i'm going to issue an edict. >> was this another christie gap where he says what's on his mind. >> he was asked about halloween which is a silly thing to be asked when you're talking about people who don't have houses. >> we didn't see the part where the reporter asked the question. >> if he reschedules it for next tuesday, then we might have an issue. [ laughter ] >> cenk: if i were to give him more credit here. he just said that they are in that press conference we showed you that they are going to rebuild the boardwalk. ok? now, by the way and part of the way they are going to do that is take a lot
with contributions government unions control politicians. it is killing california. 11% unemployment. high taxes. lavish pensions. billions in waste. $50 billion a year on education but among the worst performing schools. cut the money tie between special interest lobbyists and career politicians. put people back in charge. yes on prop 32. >> cenk: it sounds like it is anti-corporation, right? no funded by the corporations. in fact, it is pushed by this group called the lincoln club of orange county who also pushed citizens united. you know why they're doing this? and actually it doesn't affect corporations at all. they use their general treasury. what it does is it affects unions. the real purpose is to cripple labor unions politically. according to the "l.a. times". they do deception for a living. they do it professionally. so they have something that helps corporations. they run ads saying oh, can you believe those naughty corporations? let's go get those guys. they know what they're doing. and the problem is the media
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)